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I hope everyone had a great Christmas & new year. Element Sports Massage & Acupuncture is back to work as usual. What is a better way to refresh and reenergize for good start of the year than a massage?




Calling 07460-620288 or email

Great prices and discounts for 2020:

£35-£40/hour session,

£30/45mins session,

£25/30mins session

* £ 5 off for the first appointment


* Family and friend sharing package: you can get 10% off you you purchase 3/more than 3 sessions in advance. ( normal price: £35-£40/hour session, £30/45mins session, £25/30mins session)


*Loyalty discount: you will have £5 off on your 4th visit, and another £5 off on your 6th visit.

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