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Evening & Sunday Therapy Session Now Available At Pride Fitness In Dawlish

Welcome To Element Sports & Holistic Therapy 

Do you have muscle stiffness? Suffering from chronic pains and aches? Feeling stressed and finding it difficult to relax? Element Sports Massage & Acupuncture is your answer.

Element Sports Massage & Acupuncture provides comprehensive and professional treatments from Sports Massage for sports injuries and muscular disorder to Holistic Massage for the balance and relaxation of body and mind or focusing on specific areas treatments like Deep Tissue Massage and Acupuncture.  Each treatment is catered to your needs.

Sylvia Zeng
Sports Therapy & Acupuncture Practitioner

Bachelor of Medicine in Acupuncture,

Moxibustion and Tuina (Chinese massage)


Hello, I am Sylvia. I am here to help to bring back the new balance of your body and optimize a healthier you. 

Get in touch with me today and wake up with pain relief. 

Sports & Holistic Treatment

We Provide:

Sylvia is happy to answer any of your concern. Not sure which treatment is right for you? Call 07460620288 or Email

Sports Therapy & Injury Management

We use a combination of modalities that include Sports and Remedial Massage, Acupuncture/Dry needling, Cupping Therapy, Kinesiology Taping, Electrotherapy & Therapeutic Ultrasound to aid injury healing and help with alleviating muscle aches and pains. 

Holistic Therapy

We use a combination of treatment methods such as Hot Stones Therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure Foot Massage, based in ancient Chinese Medicine theories with modern scientific research and evidence to help with other health conditions such as migrains, sleeping disorder, hay fever, stress and anxiety and maintain you overall wellbeing.


Holistic Massage With

Hot Stone

Hot Stones Massage is a relaxing and effective therapeutic massage of the body. It can help relieve stress, aches, pains, knots and muscle tension. With the direct heat from the hot stones relaxing the muscles, it allows for a greater intensity massage.



Foot Massage

Based on the traditional Chinese Theory, there are areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pressure applied to the foot can help to bring relaxation and healing to the corresponding area of the body.



Combines ancient Chinese Medicine theories with modern scientific research and evidence. Using very fine needles to insert into certain points to encourage healing and pain relief. 

acupuncture needles in the ear.jpg

Ear Acupressure

Strengthens and prolongs the treatment effects, whilst targeting tension neckaches and headaches. The treatment is advised as an addition to massage.

Back Massage



The initial assessment is provided before the first session to tailor a suitable treatment for you.


Cupping Therapy

Helps to strengthen treatment effect, the suction increases local blood flow to ease pain and inflammation. If you suffer from chronic neck, shoulder, back and upper leg muscle pain, this treatment is suitable for you. 

joint mobilisation.jpg

Joint Mobilisation

Help to restore the small, involuntary movements that assist joints to perform to their optimum,  also to provide a neurophysiologic effect that reduces pain and muscle spasms. 

Leg Injury_edited.jpg

Sports Massage

 Suitable for people suffering from chronic pain and injuries or restricted muscle mobilities and who are involved in sporting activities or physical works.

Child Physiotherapy

Kinesiology Taping

Help to achieve quick, simple, safe effective relief from muscular strains and ligament/joint sprains. Stabilize an injured area of instability, offload the pain through ‘decompression’, improve performance, and to control swelling. 

Physical Therapy

Home Care &

Exercise Programme

​Stretching and muscle strengthen exercises and other homecare advice such as cryotherapy and thermotherapy, rest and diet will be provided after treatments to maintain effects and support rehabilitation progress.


Sports Acupuncture/

Dry Needle


Electro & Ultrasound


We use electrotherapy methods includes TENS, NMES, ITF and ultrasound to

complement our manual approach and rehab exercises to provide pain relief, promote healing for problems of the soft tissue or stimulate the muscles fibres to activate.


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