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Holistic Massage With Hot Stone Therapy

Balance Of Body And Mind


1 hour Session  ------ £50
90 mins Session  
------ £68

The term ‘holistic’ means whole and to benefit the body, mind and spirit. Soothing techniques and pressure are applied over the body to stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, which aids the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to cells. It also eliminates toxins, smooths muscular tension and boosts the immune system. The treatment is beneficial for long-term health, as it helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Hot Stone is a relaxing and effective therapeutic treatment method of the body. With the direct heat from the hot stones relaxing the muscles, it allows for a greater intensity massage which can help relieve stress, aches, pains, knots and muscle tension.

Holistic massage with hot stones is suitable for almost anyone, each session is tailored to ensure it fits your current needs and condition. After the treatment home care advice is provided, including diet, relaxation and exercise to help you maintain overall health and wellness.

Holistic Massage will:

1. Release stress and anxiety.

2. Encourage your circulation.

3. Eases everyday muscle tension and stiffness.

4. Increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity

5. Improve general breathing.

6. Improve digestive system.

7. Improve better sleep quality.

7. Increase collagen production and improve skin elasticity

8. Boost your immune system

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