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Restore And Maintain Muscle Function

Sports And Remedial Massage

Sports massage involves manipulated techniques, such as STR (Soft Tissue Release) and MET (Muscle Energy Techniques). It corrects muscular-skeletal disorder and problems caused by poor posture, strenuous physical activity, muscle trauma, restores muscle function, increases joint mobility and flexibility. Deep tissue pressure works into muscles and fascia to realign the muscle fibers and break up adhesions​, it stimulates the nervous system and relieves pain.

Sports massage not only benefits people engaged in regular physical and sports activities and those who suffer from chronic pain and aches,  it can also help to alleviate muscle aches and pains associated with daily activities, work-related complaints, such as gardening, long-distance walking.


A combination with other modalities such as Medical Acupuncture, Dry Cupping, and Therapeutic Ultrasound is recommended to maximise outcome and aid healing.

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