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Tailored to You


The initial consultation and assessment will be provided before the first session to tailor a suitable treatment for you.

​Your Assessment Process (FAQs)

  • How do I apply for an assessment? 

A consultation form will be sent to you after you book your first appointment. The form asks for your basic information, medical history, lifestyle information and contraindication. Please fill out, sign the form and send back to your therapist before the first appointment.

  • What should I wear to my assessment?

Please wear comfortable clothing (loose top, vest and shorts), so your therapist can assess your movement and posture. Your neck, shoulder, elbow and knees should be accessible and visible.

  • ​Why is important to have an assessment?

The information will make your therapist aware of any medical contraindication. Understanding your background and lifestyle allows proper further home care and exercise advice to be provided and will maximise your progress. ​

  • What happens after the assessment?

Your therapist will create a suitable treatment plan to achieve your goal based on clinical findings. Onward referral to other specialist services will be considered, if you have a condition or require treatment beyond a sports massage and acupuncture therapist's expertise. 

Physiotherapy Session
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